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Essae Digitronics

Founded in February 1996, Essae Digitronics belongs to the Essae Group of Companies and is based in Bangalore, India. Currently comprising of five business divisions in three industry verticals, namely Truck scales, Transportation weighment, Rapid load-out systems, Machined components and Speedo hub drive, the company operates out of four different manufacturing facilities.

Prior to partnering up with ABS the company comprised of four business units operating from three different locations with the corporate and finance headquarters housed in a fourth location. There was a great deal of inefficiency in matters pertaining to accounts payable to vendors, customer credit management and inventory control and management.


Affordable Business Solutions is genuinely concerned about our problems and tries to use the existing features of SAP Business One to solve these issues. Their strong understanding of the software and its capabilities coupled with their good understanding of our business and the unique challenges faced by us is strongly backed by their strong project management skills which ensured that they were able to complete implementation within 3-4 months.

- Prakash Venkatesan, CEO & Director, Essae Digitronics Pvt. Ltd.

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Component Manufacturing Dashboard
Component Manufacturing Dashboard