Customer Events, 2015[NV5] , ABS CXO Roundtable Event, held on May 27th ,2015 in Bangalore

“Transformation of business through technology”


  • The primary challenge faced in bringing about business transformation is “carrying” the people involved and addressing their resistance to change
  • I.T. cannot be a ‘lever’ to ‘force’ change, but is necessary to facilitate change for growth
  • For successful business transformation, people need to adapt/ change AND technology needs to be adopted - in parallel
  • The time- frame for successful business transformation in an SME - especially in a family business - seems to be between 2-3 years.

ABS Dairy Connect, held on June 18th in Erode

“Implementation of technology in dairy sector of India”


  • Increased consumer interest in value added dairy products coupled with increased private equity players is leading to a significant transformation in the dairy sector
  • There is need to make the dairy industry system, rather than person- driven to sustain profitable operations
  • Adoption of technologies can help organizations scale and grow healthier